Brown Recluse Spider *Violin/Fiddleback* Spiders Web Size Identification

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider |  Violin Spider | Fiddleback Spider | Brown Spider

Lots of spider live around homes & buildings and most are harmless and non poisonous in nature. But one spider potentially dangerous is brown recluse. Some it’s also referred as violin spider or fiddleback spider. L. Reclusa found throughout south central and midwestern United states. They are variable in size, adult brown recluse spiders with legs extended about size of US quarter.

Coloration ranges from tan to dark brown. Abdomen and legs uniformly colored with no stripes, bands or motting. Most definitive diagnostic feature is the eye pattern – semi circular arrangement of six eyes (three group of two). But most spiders have 8 eyes. Small non hairy spiders are yellowish tan to dark brown in color with darker legs.

Brown Recluse Spider

Over 20000 species of spiders that inhabit the Americas and only 60 are capable of biting humans. But only small group known to be dangerous to humans. Like Brown Recluse, The Black Widow, The hobo or aggressive house spider, Yellow Sac Spider.

Brown Recluse Eggs – about 40-50 eggs within 1/3 inch diameter off egg sac (white silken egg case). Tiny spiders gradually increase in size and undergoes 5 to 8 molts to become mature. Female spider produce 5 egg sac in a lifetime. Recluse spider known as most venomous spider in the world.

L. reclusa color – Light to dark brown with characteristic dark brown violin marking on back. Legs – eight legs. Shape – round, Size – 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, Fangs – 2 small fangs.

Brown Recluse venom extremely poisonous many time potent than rattlesnake. Poison a collection of enzymes – once released it cause destruction of local cell membranes. One of the most venomous spider & It also disrupt integrity of tissues leading to local breakdown of skin, fat also blood vessels.

Brown Recluse Size Identification

Body & Shape – Dark fiddle shape on dorsum of cephalothorax, six eyes arranged in three groups of two of each. Infestation mainly include notching web, spotting one around home. Brown Recluse Venom many time potent than rattlesnake. L. reclusa look like widow spider and most venomous spider in the world.

Brown Recluse Spider
Brown Recluse Spider

Recluse spider poison cause eventual tissue death also called tissue death. It may happened within short interval of time surrounding the bite area.

Brown Spiders

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Arachnida
Order Araneae
Family Sicariidae
Genus Loxosceles
Species L. reclusa

They often line their daytime retreat with irregular web, which used to form their egg sacs. Female Recluse seldom venture for from their retreat. And male candidates tend to travel further and more mobile.

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Bite & Venom – They are not aggressive, most bites occur in pressure or in defense. Female recluse have small fangs. Initial bite painless but severity increase in 3-8 hours and become red swollen tender (healing within 3 weeks). In some case necrotic lesion appearing as dry/sinking bluish patch with irregular edges (pale center and peripheral redness).

Brown Recluse Habits – Not aggressive and bite only when threatened or in defense. They seek out dark, warm, dry environment. like Found mostly in corners and crevices, basements, woodpiles, old tires, barns, closets, porches etc.

Recluse spider also known as brown spiders, fiddle backs, violin spiders or reapers. Loxosceles genus spiders that described by R. T. Lowe in 1832. They are venomous spider and their venom more potent, can produce a characteristic set of symptoms known as loxoscelism.

  • Where do you find brown recluse spider?

Mainly brown recluse spider find south central and Midwestern United states. They living outdoors in debris, woodpiles, and hundreds or even thousands can be found in a single area.

  • How do you identify a brown recluse spider?

Brown recluse spider look like a sandy brown spider with a darker mark on its body. brown spiders has long, uniformly colored legs with no markings.

Symptoms & Treatment :~>   Brown Recluse Bite

Loxoscelism means a condition produce due to bite of recluse spider. Bite area become dusky, shallow open sore form (necrosis).

Recluse Brown Picture – spider details most common & widespread and referred as fiddleblack or violin spider. Marking on cephalothorax depend on age, molts and others.

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