Brown Widow (Latrodectus geometricus) Eggs, Web, Bite Treatment

Brown Widow (Latrodectus geometricus) Eggs, Web, Bite Treatment

Scientific name – Latrodectus geometricus

Brown Widow Spider established in South California in early 2000 and become well entrenched part of local spider fauna. L. geometricus consist molting of tan, brown and black accent marking. They are differ from black and red widow. Mature female have dorsal longitudinal abdominal stripe and three diagonal stripe of each flank. Diagonal stripe have black marks. Gray widow spider have hourglass shape but typically orange color. But other widows commonly have vivid red color.

They look similar to immature of the western black widow spider. More diagnostic feature of female brown is its egg sac. Brown Widow Egg Sac has silk spicules projecting out from the surface.

Brown Widow Spider

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Arachnida
Order Araneae
Family Theridiidae
Genus Latrodectus
Species L. geometricus

Egg sac look like large pollen grain and it’s distinctive and easily recognizable.

Brown Widow
Brown Widow

Reproduction – L. geometricus produce large number of egg sac in lifetime and often several in quick sequence. It contain about 120-150 eggs per sac, Brown Black Widow Spider can make about 20 egg sac over a lifetime. Egg sac quite similar to small spiky golf ball.

Habitat – They builds web secluded, protected site around homes and in woody place. They can also select some empty containers like buckets, mail boxes, entry way corner, garage, nursery pots. They choose place that are more exposed unlike black widow. So more risk to interaction with humans.

Brown Widow Bite

Bite – Brown Widow bite minor than black widow. But venom of brown spider is as venomous as other widows. According to source L. geometricus victim showed none symptoms of latrodectism. A response induced by neurotoxin venom of spiders in genus Latrodectus.

Widow Spider Bite & Venom

Why Brown widow bite does not effective? – Due to these spiders does not have or cannot inject as much quantity of poison (as compare to its cousin). The effect of venom generally around bite area and affected tissues. Because brown spider are not capable to transfer much quantity of venom.

Bright orange hourglass on her belly is clearly visible. Brown/gray color along with smaller size is standard for Brown widow. Black & white geometric pattern is visible on dorsal. Legg has two toned with wide bands of black and brown. Least dangerous and most docile

Brown Black Widow Spider

Other name – Gray Widow Spider, Brown Black Widow, House Button Spider, Geometric Button Spider.

Female Size – About 12-16 mm (body length only not including legs), Male – much smaller 6-8 mm (about half the length of female) with longer legs.

Brown Spider colors are highly variable. It may be almost white to almost black color. Color of hourglass marking a clear indicator of recognize this species. Back side marking only available in lighter color spiders and dark individual not have such marking or not clearly visible.

Interesting facts – Typically insect but capable to kill small toads (that have gotten in web).

Life Cycle – Female can live 1 to 3 years. While male have shorter lifespan. Brown spider most actively reproducing spiderlings or juvenile. They can produce up to 5000 spiderlings per female per season. Due to this ability (reproduce rapidly) brown spider widows difficult to control. Brown spider are highly timid and rarely bite humans.

Brown Widow Egg Sac

There’s new women in town & She’s gotten lots of media – Eight legs, four rows of eyes, venomous – can also scare black widow. Egg sac – yellow color case with small silk spikes. Single egg sac contain up to 200 eggs per case. Incubation period 20 days. Brown female reach at maturation after four months, but male undergo fewer molts to reach adulthood.

Brown Widow Eggs Sac
Brown Widow Eggs Sac

Egg sac light yellow to tan in color and spherical in shape.

According to source – L. geometricus venom twice potent than black widow. But not inject same amount of neurotoxin. Due to that severity level low of symptoms cramping or nausea.

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Get information about L. geometricus like Egg sac, life cycle, span, bite & treatment, other names etc. Read about Latrodectus geometricus.

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