Black Widow Spider Facts : Latrodectus Habitat & Fact

Black Widow Spider Facts : Latrodectus Habitat & Fact

Latrodectus a widely distributed genus of spiders and contains 31 species. Black Widow Spider most venomous and common spider in UK, USA, Canada. The Black Widow belongs to a group of spiders commonly known as cobweb spiders. Easily recognize because hourglass (red, yellow, orange color) located underside of abdomen. Female black widow can bite and inject toxic venom.

Female Widow spider is shiny black color with red hourglass marking on underside of abdomen. Marking may range color from yellowish orange to red color. Shape of abdomen marking may vary hourglass to dot.

Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum – Arthropoda

Class – Arachnida

Order – Araneae

Family – Theridiidae

Genus – Latrodectus

Species – Red Widow – L. bishopi, Brown Widow – L. geometricus, Western Black Widow – L. hesperus, Southern Black Widow – L. mactans, Northern Black Widow – L. variolus.

Widow Spider Facts have eight eyes (2 rows of four) but poor vision.

Black Widow Spider Facts 

About shape & size – Adult female have body length approx 1/2 inch and total leg span of approx 1-1/2 inches.

Variation in female size – Much variation in female size (specially in gravid females), who carrying eggs. Abdomen of gravid females can be greater in diameter.

Male spiders much smaller and body length less than 1/4 inch and leg span approx 1/2 inch.

It certainly has venomous bite and has incredibly strong web and decidedly odd courting ritual. And in which male spiders become homewreckers.

Genus Latrodectus Black Spider Widow are more than just black – Latrodectus genus contain 31 species of Widow Spider and exist on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Three common species to North America – Southern black widow, Western black widow, northern black widow. Some species are light to dark brown in color.

Venom of Female black widow spiders is potent but rarely deadly – Black Widow Spider Toxin rated to be about 15 times stronger than that of rattlesnake. But bite from spider widow doesn’t mean death. Bite bring on muscle ache and more symptoms. Also like trouble breathing , numbness, nausea, back pain, headache. But symptoms severe in child or someone who’s already ill and who has weakened immune system.

Black Widow Spider Facts
Black Widow Spider Facts

Male black widow spiders try best to avoid getting eaten after mating – Male Latrodectus try best to not become post coitol snack. According to various studies male widow spider seek out well-fed virgins for mating and think fatter female will result more and healthier offsprings.

Female Widow spiders don’t often eat their mates – Latrodectus female spiders known for killing their mates after mating. But this is not happening in every cases. Mostly male spider escape from cannibalism or eating after mating process. Black spider widow common in North America. Cannibalism in Latrodectus may be due to male sacrifice.

Male spider send specific vibration in female’s web & it is an indicator that they are there for only mating not for food and other. And it plucks female’s web by different way unlike prey.

Black Widow Spider Habitat

Black Widow Spider venom cause condition known as Latrodectism – Latrodectus genus contain recognized 31 species. And venom injected by bite contains neurotoxin. Females are three times more venomous than male spiders.

Widow Spider HabitatBlack Widow Habitat – These spiders are reclusive and nocturnal and construct tangled, messy, sticky web in out of the way locations. Generally do not infest homes but prefer dark, close outdoors. Such as Woodpiles, crevices under rock.

Indoor locations such as basements, narrow gaps, crawl spaces, stored box, warehouses and storage facilities.

Female usually remain in or near web and hangs upside down. So hourglass easy to see. Black Widow Spider feed on crickets, flies, beetle and other insects. Several spiders found in small area if conditions favourable. Black widows most likely to be found in quite undisturbed places like around lawn debris, woodpiles, under rocks, water meter, electrical meter.

They may also to be found in control boxes, old cars, garage, unused farm equipment, unused lawn furniture and place in or around home where there is less activities. Black Widow Spider Habitat Map range & description in Australia, UK, California.

Latrodectus Facts 

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Australian Redback spider also belongs to Latrodectus genus. Black widow attack only in self defense or when they disturbed.

They liquify their prey before consuming – Female inject digestive enzyme in bundled prey and it responsible or creating prey milkshake of sorts. This type of food easy to eat as well as digest.

Widow spider prefer dry, dark and protected place like firewood, basement, woodland, temperate forest.

Brown Widow Spider Facts – Also called brown button spider, grey widow, brown black widow.

Scientific name – Latrodectus geometricus

Slightly small in size than it’s cousin (black widow). Color varies from dark grey, brown or black. Stripped pattern. They prefer to have Dark corners, high shelves, Outhouses, Outdoor, Potted plants, Old cloths, towels, linens, shoes.

Female brown widow are venomous and male is not. If they bite they release smaller dose than it’s cousin. Bite is not severe as compared to black.

Red Widow Spider Facts – Red widow has reddish orange head, thorax and legs along with black abdomen. Incomplete hourglass.

Scientific Name – Latrodectus bishopi

It has found in sand pine scrubs habitats in southeast and central Florida. It construct web in palmettos, rosemary, scrub oak and shrubs. Female mainly capturing flying insects. Female Red Widow Spider release neurotoxin which cause muscle spasm and other health issues.

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